James 1-3:12 – Taylor Hassell

What’s up my beautiful people?! Time for Blog #2 from cha boi Taylor Cash.

So, the book of James was written by James to all Christ followers around the world as a “guide” of how to live as a Christian. Chapter 1 addresses faith. James tells us that in times of trouble, we shouldn’t feel scared or discouraged or down, but feel joy! We should see these hard times not in a negative light, but look at them as an opportunity to grow our faith! When we learn to hold on to Jesus in times of trouble or sadness, our faith is able to grow more and ultimately make us more complete. This first section of James really hit home for me personally. I know that we are all in different seasons of life, but just as we talked about at BigStuf, God promises us trouble. Life is full of peaks and valleys, and everyone will be in a valley at one time or another. This first section of Chapter 1 really offered me some encouragement to know that it’s okay to not be okay, and to use tough times not as an excuse to feel sorry for myself, but as a catapult to launch myself towards God and grow my faith more than I ever have before.

Another cool part of Chapter 1 is verse 5, where James encourages us to ask God for wisdom, and reassures us that God will provide us with wisdom without looking down on us or criticizing us for needing it.

One final thing in the first chapter that I highlighted was verses 19-25. This section reminds us first about listening. I know for me, whether I am trying to help someone in a time of need or I’m in an argument or a debate, I always feel like I have to say something or have an answer. Verse 19 reminds us to be quick to listen and SLOW to speak. That is definitely something that I need to remember for myself. The rest of this section ultimately just reminds us that intention means nothing without action, and listening to God’s word without applying it or living by it is useless.

Chapter 2 is a more generic chapter that reminds us to love people as God loved us, and to love your enemies the same way you love your friends. It also reminds us how important faith is, and gives examples of how showing faith always yields big rewards from God.

I was only assigned the first 12 verses of Chapter 3, but boy is this section a big one for me. This is about controlling your tongue. I am really really bad about cussing, and it bothers me that I am not better about controlling my word choice. This section addresses cursing, but more than just that, it talks about being conscious of everything you say. Chapter 3 starts by talking about how powerful and dangerous the tongue is. It gives two really cool examples about how small things (like our tongues) ultimately control huge things. One example is the way a bit in a horse’s mouth controls which way it walks, and another example talks about how a small rudder dictates the direction of a gigantic ship. I think those are very good, very real examples that can help illustrate how powerful our tongue is. It goes on to describe the tongue as fire, as James tells us that it can spread evil throughout our entire body. Ultimately, what God is telling us through these 12 verses is that it is wrong to let nastiness and praise come out of the same mouth. We shouldn’t talk bad about people or say awful things with the same mouth we praise The Lord with. This final section was definitely something that I personally needed to hear, and helps offer encouragement to continue to try to manage and ultimately tame my tongue.

Thanks for reading my blog today, guys! Make it a great day today and don’t forget to be hounding your kids to be at The Edge on Sunday! It’s gonna be killer! I love each and every one of you guys and I am so so thankful to have all of you as a part of my amazing community! You guys are great!

Cash, out!


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