1 John chapters 1-3:10

So 1 john chapter one talks a lot about walking in light and dark. It compares walking in the light to following Jesus and walking in the dark to living a life of sin. Chapter one talks about how even though you may believe in Jesus you have to actually walk in the light or your belief is for nothing. This is very convicting because it is easy to just say you believe in Jesus and not do anything about it because following Jesus can be one of the hardest things to do. Walking in the light is ultimately more rewarding and that is why Jesus wishes it upon us. Chapter one also mentions fellowship with one another when walking in the light. Fellowship is so important in maintaining a walk in the light. We need others to pick us up when we fall and hold us accountable. They will help you grow and walk in the light exponentially more than by yourself. I truly believe one cannot fully walk in the light without fellowship with others, as stated in 1 john chapter one.

Chapter 2 talks about several issues. The first one that stood out to me was if one says they know God but does not obey his commands is a liar. One cannot know God and then turn and do the opposite of what is commanded. This is living a double life and a life not of truth. It is true that none of us are perfect but if we claim to know Jesus then we must do our best to live as Jesus did. There is a difference in claiming we know Him and willingly not obeying the law and claiming we know Him and trying to obey the law but falling short on occasion.
The second issue that stood out to me in chapter 2 was when the text talks about hating brothers. It states that if one claims to live in the light but hates his brother is surrounded by darkness. This means that if we love Jesus but hate someone, we cannot follow Jesus to the full. Jesus commanded us to love our brothers and sisters always and by not doing this we would not be following Jesus.
The final issue in chapter 2 that stood out was the Do Not Love the World section. Chapter 2 explains how if we love the world, the love of the father will not be in us. Loving the things of the world will never last, the sinful desires will fade and this is why they are not righteous things to love. If we love God and do the will of him, this will last and last forever.

The take home message from these chapters is follow Jesus with our lives because that is the best life he intended and the only way we should consider ourselves Christians is to do this. Thanks for reading!


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